Prepd – Daily Schedule Planner, Structured Timeline

Step into a balanced, productive life with Prepd – the innovative activity planner designed to organize your day beyond mere tasks. Prepd acknowledges all facets of your life – work, hobbies, leisure, fitness, relaxation, and socialization, providing a holistic approach to time management and helping you craft a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Time Boxing

Prepd uses a unique yet powerful approach to time boxing. Simply create some time anchors and list all your activities in sequence. Prepd will handle the logistics, letting you know when the next activity starts.

Visual Calendar & Timelines

Prepd offers a visually engaging calendar and timeline, providing an intuitive way to view, plan, and navigate your daily activities.

Custom Activity Input

Catering to all parts of your day, Prepd enables you to record a myriad of activities, each accompanied by detailed descriptions and emoji icons for swift reference.

Interactive Widgets

Widgets display your current progress at a glance. Additionally, there’s a widget dedicated to today’s tasks.

Reminders and Alerts

Stay in the loop with timely reminders and alerts for your upcoming activities.

Day Templates

Save a day as a template and replicate its structure whenever needed. This takes the thinking out of a routine life. Creating a template for a “working from home day” and a “work from the office day” will free your brain up for the really important things.

Search your Calendar and Lists

Prepd allows seamless searching and filtering across days and lists.

Automatic Rescheduling

The app recalculates start and end times whenever you modify your schedule. Once you are used to the way time blocking works this is the feature that will change your productivity level the most.


Zero in on your current activity with focus mode and a distraction-free user interface. Your current activity is showcased as a Live Activity, viewable on the Dynamic Island and Lock Screen.

To-Do Lists

Lists are available for tasks and projects. You can easily shift any item from a list into your daily schedule

Emoji Icons

Enhance your activities and notes with supersized emojis, making them more recognizable and enjoyable.

Balance Check

Utilize keyword filtering to observe how your time is distributed among various activities, ensuring a harmonious balance in your life.


Seamlessly shuffle items between any list or day. Move activities around or add new activities as things come up during your day. The Prepd app is made to cater for change during your day. Don’t think about time – think about what needs to be done.

iCloud Sync

Achieve synchronization across your Apple devices for Premium subscribers.


Prepd Premium subscribers can import or export a day’s schedule or list.


Prepd champions neurodiversity. With its focus mode, muted colors, reminders, live activities, structured scheduling, and visual progress, the app is designed to address time blindness and bolster executive functions for everyone

Experience the myriad benefits of a well-balanced life with Prepd, your paramount activity planner. Embark on a journey with us towards achieving optimal life balance, one activity at a time.

Embrace the Prepd lifestyle today and let your day effortlessly flow.